About us

Skillculture ecosystem


SkillCulture™ is a multi-sided marketplace and digital ecosystem for corporates, coaches, and career seekers. Skillculture™ offers the following services: 

  • For career seekers: Employability and leadership skills
  • For corporates: Productivity and profitability improvement solutions to 
  • For mentors: Marketplace to offer their courses, coaching solutions, and counselling services online

What does “SkillCulture” signify?

Agriculture is an age-old practice of cultivating plants. Farmer (who is far from the modern academics) has innate capabilities to identify the right breed of seeds. The farmer prepares the land and sows different seeds in different parts of the land during different seasons. The farmer nurtures the seeds by providing timely nutrients. The farmer constantly protects the plants from viruses and parasites and patiently waits for the harvesting period.  

Now let’s look at any workplace: The young corporate talent is precisely like a seed. Just that the farmer, aka the manager, does not think and act like a farmer. The manager cannot identify seeds. He does not demark ‘areas’ of sowing. He does not know which nutrient is suitable for what type of plant. He does not know what kind of parasites and viruses can attack his crop. He is also unaware of the specific harvesting times. He expects all plants to perform and produce equally. He ‘removes’ the potential fruit-bearing plants, thinking they are ‘non-performing’ . The saga continues.

We believe that talent harvesting works on the principles of agriculture. The only difference is that at our workplaces, it is a “SkillCulture.” 

Our Mission 

We are on a mission to accelerate the competency of trainers, professionals, and corporates. We aspire to accomplish the following by 2030. 

  1. Launch and Accelerate careers of 1 million career seekers.
  2. Enable 10,000 coaches to set up their online services.
  3. Digitally transform 1000 SME/MSME organizations and help them scale.

 We at SkillCulture believe that every working professional should be productive and effective. We thrive to increase the efficiency & effectiveness of our clients and catalyze high-performance culture.

Globally, over 80% of organizations are facing an EPIC problem: They have issues with Engagement, Productivity, Innovation, and Culture. Unfortunately, leaders driving such

organizations need help with several tools and services to solve this issue.

Similarly, over 80% of career seekers face a different EPIC problem: They face issues of Employability, Productivity, Ingenuity, and Competitiveness. We offer 360-degree support to launch/relaunch their careers, and we also offer long-term support for sustained career success and acceleration.

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