About us

SkillCulture™ is an Indian Marketplace for e-learning and freelancing. 

We are on a mission to accelerate the competency of trainers, professionals and corporates 1. Provide visibility to 10,000 teachers, and 2. Accelerate the careers of 1 million students and working professionals. 

  • We enable students and working professionals to launch and scale their careers.
  • We provide 360 degree support to instructors to develop, launch and market their e-learning courses.
  • We help corporates to bridge the skill gaps and improve productivity and profitability 
  • We help professionals  offer solutions for working professionals to develop personality and achieve growth. 

We at SkillCulture believe that learning should be continuous and life long. Out motto is to drive the change and improve the competency across the organisations be it People, Process or Technology.  

SkillCulture™ is based on the following beliefs

  1. Just the way rural India thrives on agriculture, it is time for urban India to take up Skillculture initiatives. 
  2. Indian students and mentors have a global perspective but need a local approach to do things.
  3. Fortunately, we have a large pool of very talented “SkillCulturists” with the right attitude to teach students.
  4. We also have a huge pool of young and educated workforce.  

We intend to address the issue by doing the following:

  1. Tailor-made courses for Indian students based on language and learning patterns. ( top 5 vernacular languages)
  2. Track the progress and training effectiveness by using analytics.
  3. Strengthen the learning with workflow integrated micro-learning.
  4. Engage the students using gamification and social learning methods.
  5. Provide practical exposure by using AI-based adaptive labs and AR / VR driven simulations.
  6. Prepare the student better by taking personal interviews and coaching sessions
  7. Ensure sustained interest and enhance the marketability by providing freelance jobs.

Mentor Services

SkillCulture™ offers the most advanced learning management platform without any upfront and fixed costs. We charge per transaction instead of a fixed fee. So, you will only pay when you sell. We also assist the teachers in developing and hosting the course. We have a course builder service in case you are new to online teaching and cannot build curriculum. You can choose from 3 different packs.

We offer one practical online course for Digital mentors. it is the most affordable and practical course in the market. 

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