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Best online courses with certificates

The growth quotient is one of the best online courses with certificates

The Growth Quotient course is all about improving your mind vision. 

Many managers in the corporate world think that their employees need to have an Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient to be successful. These two quotients were no doubt, helpful until the last decade. But it is no longer the case in this era of the “fourth industrial revolution”. 

Large and successful organizations realize that all their leaders need to possess a third quotient as well. This is called Digital Quotient. 

However, very few people know that there is a hidden fourth quotient that plays a significant role in our personality development, growth prospects, and the proper development of the rest of quotients.

Yes. Such a powerful quotient has been hidden for a very long time. It is the Consciousness Quotient. None of the other three quotients can be leveraged effectively without acquiring the consciousness quotient.

So the four quotients are:

1. Consciousness quotient.

2. Environmental quotient.

3. Digital Quotient.

4. The Number Quotient

Consciousness Quotient gives you powerful-signal receivers through which, you can perceive. Self-awareness is critical to acquire the rest of the quotients. Think of this as a giant satellite dish inside your brain.

Environmental Quotient provides us a lens that helps us understand the ecosystem around us. This could include our team. our clients. other colleagues. various policies. Latest trends and so on.  In short, it covers the whole environment. You can understand now. Traditional EQ is just a subset of this. 

Digital Quotient gives you another set of advanced lenses that enables us to fine-tune three dimensions of tech-savviness: self, workplace, and family. Think of this as a powerful radio telescope.

Number Quotient enables us to make sense of the data we see. The more you acquire this, the lesser you will be at the risk of mind-blindness. Intelligence Quotient is a subset of this quotient. Think of this as a microscope.

All these quotients are collectively called Growth Quotients.

You can wear these lenses and can improve your mind’s vision significantly. Each of these lenses will help you look at the world with a unique perspective.

What is the outcome of a blurred mind vision?

A stunted growth that breeds dissatisfaction, disappointment, distress, and depression. 

Ok. These quotients are good. But, let’s talk about hunger now. 

“Whenever” we are hungry, our stomach sends a strong signal to the whole body. Immediately, our eyes start the search operation. Our tongue joins the mission with the taste sensors. The nose filters out the smells. The mouth begins to secrete the saliva. Hands and legs are at their best. In a nutshell, the whole body works in tandem until we finish a plate or two. Most of the time, this kind of over-cooperation results in super binging also!

What about our brain?? Is it endowed with all these facilities?? How do you know when the brain is hungry?? How do you sense if someone feeds it toxic food?? 

You brain is starving silently. It’s time to act on it! Curious to know how others are managing this?

Well, all successful leaders in the world have a Mind Position System fitted to their brains. No, this is not like a pace maker or similar electronic gadget. By following a set of rules and practices, you can fit this on your own.

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To view the prerequisite / foundation course, see this page.

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