Boost your communication skills. Spot these 9 micro events and drive your point

Communication Skills

Many people will have reasonably good communication skills but they often fail to recognise the opportunity to express and lose out. What are those opportunities ? Keep reading

Micro events at the workplace to polish your communication skills

The following might sound trivial and obvious but over 90 percent of employees get this wrong. 

At the workplace, we need to handle multiple micro events:

  1. One-on-one emails 
  2. Group emails 
  3. One-on-one phone calls
  4. Audio and video conferences 
  5. Face-to-face meetings with the team 
  6. Face-to-face meetings with clients or supervisor
  7. Other team meetings
  8. Messaging and using social media 
  9. Project management 

Each situation demands a different strategy, etiquette, engagement, sense of context and terrain. Once we are aware of the purpose and conscious of the expectations, we can be better prepared to handle the event. 

Just the way you treat a party or ceremony as an event, you need to look at each of these as events. No doubt they are micro events, but critical even so. Sometimes they could be vital and life-changing.

So, you need to be conscious of these micro events and plan adequately. If you attend these events in a casual or a semi-conscious way, it will not help the cause. 

The higher the consciousness levels, the more sensitive and responsive you become. Mindfulness pushes you to plan and execute better. While trying to accomplish better things, you will become more open, conscientious, agreeable and extroverted. Similarly, your neuroticism levels will also come down pushing you closer to success and eminence.

Communication Skills
Boost your communication skills. Spot these 9 micro events and drive your point 6

In our day to day life, who are we expected to manage?

  1. Team members
  2. Boss
  3. Peers
  4. Clients
  5. Prospects
  6. Various support functions like IT, facilities, finance and HR
  7. Depending on designation and job function some may need to deal with competitors, auditors, press, board members and even regulators 

We are covering only workplace relationships, consciously excluding the ones at the home front.

Managing better relationships with them will have a host of benefits like improved productivity, better engagement, stronger empathy, healthier bonds and enhanced charisma.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

What are we expected to manage?

We need to 

  1. Manage the delivery
  2. Improve relationships
  3. Minimise conflicts
  4. Handle negotiations
  5. Persuade and motivate people
  6. Handle exceptions
Communication Skills
Boost your communication skills. Spot these 9 micro events and drive your point 7

Almost all of them need proactive management and careful sensing to save them from turning into a crisis.



The efficient handling of these situations provides an excellent opportunity to prove our mettle and improve our relationships at the workplace. If not handled well, this can result in conflicts and permanent scars on the relationship. Daily expectation management is the key to fostering relationships.  Out of all the skills and senses we learn, communication is the most crucial and powerful one. The following is a pyramid of effective communication. Climb it

Communication Skills
Boost your communication skills. Spot these 9 micro events and drive your point 8

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