Coaching From The Body – Vedic Framework For Transformation

· February 19, 2021

“Your body is an intelligent organism!” Learn how you can tap into that wisdom contained within your body through the lens of the Vedic Frameworks. And then apply that learning to embody it into your muscle memory.

Learn to connect to the essence of who you are. Elevate your daily practice and ritual and coach yourself to think and act in congruence with your inner being.

● Discover your inner relationship with the elements.

● Connect with your inner being and essence.

● Learn to show up in PRESENCE.

● Perceive the interactions of cycles of human experience.

● Integrate a holistic approach with your clients.

● Deepen your coaching practice.

● Strengthen your emotional foundations.

Section #1 “Introduction To Vedic Sciences” – We begin this course with an invocation for learning to help us set the stage for the unfoldment within. Then we move to inquiry about “learning” itself and identify the Vedic Frameworks in play.

Section #2 “Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas” – These are the more subtle Vedic Frameworks and concepts. You are much, much more than a “9-holed bag of skin!” You are a divine being on an Earthly experience J Discover the indriyas, the organs of action and wisdom that every human being is gifted with. Learn key ideas about ritual and the sacredness of taking action. How do you connect with “ritual? ”

Section #3 “Guided Meditations and Visualizations” We get into the “good stuff” of guided meditations here. Follow along with the 10-15 minute guided meditations and allow yourself to notice. Take conscious control of your awareness and learn to dive within.

Section #4 “Resources & Supplementary Materials – Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary ” – Plenty of bonus material here including Sanskrit vocabulary and several suggested books to deepen and enhance your learning.

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