ESL Teaching 101|Qualifications , opportunities and imperatives

Qualifications for ESL Teaching

ESL teaching
ESL teaching

How important are communication skills for career growth? Ask any meritorious yet deprived graduate in Tier 2, Tier 3 towns of India. There are thousands of young graduates who find it impossible to land their first job.

Even if they are successful in getting their first job, they find it extremely cumbersome to scale up. Why does it happen? Poor communication skills.

Fluency in English is the foundational step to master communication skills.

With so many global freelancing opportunities blooming every hour, the criticality of English fluency (writing, speaking, and comprehending) cannot be stressed more.

Therefore, teaching english continues to be a very lucrative career option.

Our young graduates might acquire strong technical skills. However, lack of english speaking capabilities , deprove them of sevral golden opportunities.

Therefore , when you teach english to someone, you are directly impacting their careers by giving them the most crucial skill of their lives. I would think that it is a noble profession.

In this post , let us s explore some of the ESL teaching options.

“ESL Teaching is a skilled job which requires you to be aware of the nuances and tricks of teaching English as a Second Language. As it goes, teaching English as a Second Language is slightly different from teaching English as a First Language. Ideally, when you look at the list of requirements for ESL Teaching Jobs, you would know that it is not really that much different from the ones for EFL.

Do I require to be of a certain age to teach ESL ?

Not really, in fact there is no age limit for people who wish to apply for ESL Teaching job. Schools advertising for requirements for ESL Teaching Jobs would always want people with some business experience. Ideally, these guys would be able to transpire their business knowledge to imparting education in English. Hence, people with some teaching background having some business experience would make the cut for ESL Teaching jobs.

Would you be able to apply for english teaching jobs if you are not a graduate?

This is a tricky question though. I can answer this by saying that it entirely depends on the country that requires your services for english teaching Jobs. For example, English Jobs Japan would require you to be a graduate. After your graduation, you would have had to complete some years teaching English as the First Language.

Do you really need to be a native English speaker to apply for ESL Teaching jobs?

In essence, this is completely dependant on the requirements of the school. Most schools would want native English speakers to apply for language teaching jobs. This requirement though varies with the school that advertises the ESL Teaching jobs. Ideally, native English speakers are considered to be the best proponents of English. Though, in this matter quite a few near native English speakers are fast catching up.

Once you have a recognized certification like the Trinity or the CELTA, you would be able to find a good enough job. I am assuming that you are taking all this headache because you wish to land into ESL Teaching jobs.

ESL Teaching jobs are one of the most prestigious ones across all industries. One of the best aspects of ESL Teaching jobs is that it helps you rebuild a nation. It helps you to be associated with the nation’s efforts for globalization.

Now, to land in ESL Teaching jobs you do not require a whole lot of certifications. Being a graduate and having passed the CELTA or Trinity would be good enough for you to get selected for an ESL Teaching job.”

For more information on CELTA training , visit this post

ESL Teaching 101|Qualifications , opportunities and imperatives 3

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