Explore out of your comfort zone; 4 ways to work on your confidence to achieve success

We’re supposed to be comfortable in our comfort zones – it’s called comfort, after all. But when it becomes too comfortable in there, the tendency is to just get stuck in there. Let the world burn for all you care, you’ll be snug and safe in your comfort zone.

The best way to get out of your comfort zone is by trying something new and different. You may find that you’re not as afraid after all, but it might take time for this feeling to kick in. Even if there are some terrifying moments along the road, don’t give up! In order to really push past our boundaries we must feel uncomfortable at times- discomfort can be a good thing because when faced with difficulty or pain; most people will do whatever is necessary just so they won’t have those feelings again (which means taking risks).
If going into unfamiliar territory makes us anxious – great – now we know what kind of response

What are the signs of staying in your comfort zone?

Fear of trying anything new

When you’re too comfortable in your comfort zone, it turns into a prison. You feel like nothing can change what is already perfect and safe for everyone to enjoy as long they don’t go outside of their own boundaries – but this isn’t true at all! The world would be boring without variety; there wouldn’t have been any adventures or discoveries made by people who went against norms just because everything seemed expected from them (which actually feels better than doing things according to standards).

Always procrastinating

When you’re a serial procrastinator, there is no right time. You put off starting on your goals because the idea makes you uncomfortable and instead of taking action now for fear that it will be too much work later or just not good enough–you wait until everything feels perfect before moving forward!
What’s so important about pushing through those mental blocks? You’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t wait, which leads to more waiting and eventually puts you off doing anything at all!

Skipping opportunities

I don’t know why you’re letting all these amazing opportunities go by. You’ve got the talent and intelligence needed to make something big happen in your life, but instead of going for it full-force like others do every day of the week; here’s what we see happening: You stay stagnant with no growth or change while everyone around us grows steadily closer toward their goals – some succeed beautifully along this path making room upon room on top for more success than ever before!

How is your comfort zone going to affect you?

Your dreams may not have a life of their own, but they do live within you. It lives in your heart and your mind. If you’re committed to achieving your dreams, it will consume you. This is why it’s so important to not get too entrenched in your comfort zone – your dreams will literally die there.

Your dreams get demoted to the background

When you get caught up in your comfort zone, you get stuck in your daily routines. Following your dreams will require you to do tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone, that will literally tear your familiar routine to shreds. Instead of following your dreams and risking failure, you’ll choose instead to remain in your comfort zone. You tell yourself you’ll work on your dreams later when you’ve got the time to explore and experiment.

In short, your dreams get demoted to the background. Chances are it may never resurface again.

Your knowledge becomes stagnant

Pursuing your goals means you often need to learn new things and new skills. You can’t do this when you don’t want to risk leaving your comfort zone behind. You make do with what you have. You don’t want to risk anything including learning the things that will ultimately get you out of your comfort zone!

You can’t identify your true potential

Even if you’re extremely talented, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, no one’s going to know just how good you are. You won’t know yourself. Why? Because you’ll be too afraid to even test the waters. You’re too afraid of what other people think of you. You’re afraid of falling flat on your face. You’re afraid of standing out from the crowd. So, you don’t do anything with your talent. You keep it to yourself. And that’s why no one – including you – will ever know your true potential.

Your dreams will remain as memories

You get too caught up in your comfort zone, you don’t realize years and decades have passed by. By the time you finally find the courage to step out, it’s already too late.

You’re already too old and weak, and you’ve already lost your talents and your skills. When that time comes, you’ll only be left with regret. And the only thing you can do is to finally bury your dreams knowing you did nothing to achieve it.

How can you come closer to dreams by moving out of your comfort zone?

There’s a famous quote that goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And it’s famous because it’s true. If you continue living your life in your special bubble, then you’re not actually living life like it’s meant to be lived.

Sure, you’re comfortable, but you’re just going through life’s motions. You’re not doing anything special. Worst of all, you’re not doing anything to accomplish your goals and dreams in life (and don’t lie, we all have dreams).

Our dreams excite us, they breathe new life into our existence. If your dream is big enough, if you want it badly enough, then it will take you far away from your comfort zone. It will take you to uncomfortable and unknown places. Maybe you’ll be scared at first, and that’s okay.

It’s normal to be scared of the unknown. But sooner or later, the unknown will become known, and you’ll find there are lots of new things, new ideas, and new adventures waiting for you behind your comfort zone. It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Ask yourself, does your life inside your comfort zone ever feel exciting? I bet not. Because comfort zones are far from exciting. In fact, they are the exact opposite of exciting.

Your dreams are exciting, so you don’t bury them in a boring place. Instead, you bring it over to the other side, you let your dreams and your passion show you the path toward your eventual success.

It’s okay to hide in our comfort zones for short periods of time. We all need breaks too. However, if you stay too long in your comfort zone, then it drains the life out of you, and you start living a monotonous life.

If you were watching your life on TV, you’d be watching it in black and white, on mute. That’s how boring it is. It will literally drive you to tears.

On the flip side, when you view your life outside of your comfort zone, it will literally be popping in color and, of course, it will have the volume on full blast!

Dreams aren’t meant to be stuffed inside comfort zones. They are meant to be chased, they are meant to be accomplished, and they are meant to excite you so you can live a more interesting life!

How does moving out of your comfort zone build confidence to achieve success?

Have you ever met a confident person? I’m sure you have. They stand apart from the crowd. They hold their heads up high. They don’t slouch. When you shake their hands, their grips are firm, and they won’t back down from your gaze. They simply have an air of confidence in themselves, and they always look ready to tackle whatever task they have in front of them. 

Here’s why you need to work on your confidence if you want to succeed in life:

Your confidence will drive you to take action

When you’re confident about something, you’re much more willing to take action because you know deep down that you can succeed at whatever it is you’re going to do. While others are procrastinating, you’re already halfway to your destination. You’ll reach your goals much faster simply because you took action and you didn’t just sit around playing with your thumbs.

You can overcome your fears

Your confidence can slay your many fears. Whether it be fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of what other people think, your confidence will allow you to face and overcome them. If you know you’ve got what it takes, then it will be easier for you to ignore your fears and your insecurities. It will be your confidence that will basically stop your fears from distracting and bothering you on your journey to success!

You can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with confidence

You’ll often be presented with many choices in life. When you’re confident enough, you’ll know the difference between right and wrong, and you’ll know when’s the right time to say ‘yes’ and when’s the perfect time to say ‘no.’ Your confidence will equip you with self-control. You’re not going to do anything crazy that may delay or hold you back from chasing your dreams.  

You believe you have got what it takes to succeed

Self-confidence means believing in yourself and what you can do. Even if you know you’re lacking some skills, you’d be willing to put in the time to learn those new skills. Your persistence and your confidence will pay off in the long run. A healthy self-belief will allow you to accomplish whatever it is you’re aiming for.  

If going into unfamiliar territory makes us anxious – great – now we know what kind of response. We have many more blogs that can help in your career and personal life. If you are afraid of starting a business or handling a project, you can be best assured that we have blogs to guide you efficiently like Elemental powers, customer onboarding, and many more.

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