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The world is facing a Re-skilling emergency.

Are your skills relevant still?

Globally, Covid has changed the way we live and work. Added to this, technology powered by artificial intelligence and robotics is transforming several business functions. Over 100 crore working professionals need to up-skill and re-skill just to retain their jobs. 

We are on a mission to fight another pandemic called Skills gap. We equip you with several skills required to stay relevant and resourceful. 

Mindset, toolset and skillset

What can you do now?

We at Skillculture offer a holistic curriculum that covers mind set , skillset and t tool set. 

Choose from a wide range of leadership and career oriented courses.  

Sign up to our GEM club membership. It is free. You will get access to world class resources on topics like technology, leadership, communication and presentation skills to name a few. 

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You will get everything you need to launch or scale your career. We have weekly podcasts, short courses, expert interviews, eBooks, 


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We identify your high potential employees. We provide leadership training to them. We support them in percolating their vision.

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You can benefit from our up-skill/re-skill curriculum. You can subscribe to our learning experience management system. We help you drive a learning culture across the organisation.


Job skills

We can help you reimagine the current processes. We can break the silos by connecting disparate systems. We can introduce tools like RPA to enhance your process.

Do you know?

Successful teams master these four

Growth Quotients







Number Quotient


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Frequently Asked Questions

The world is changing rapidly. Most of the skillsets we use today will be irrelevant very soon. Several jobs that exist today will be extinct soon. AI-powered apps and robots will replace all of them. Acute talent deficiency is another pandemic all of us will face very soon.

Observe the following trends 


  1. Artificial Intelligence is all set to redefine job roles
  2. Robotic Process Automation will automate routine jobs
  3. Freelance culture and gig economy will grow further
  4. Reskilling initiatives become priority
  5. Change management goes completely digital
  6. Workforce planning will be fully digital 
  7. Growing importance for InfoSec and cyber threat defense professionals 
  8. Wi-Fi 6 and 5G will accelerate video content
  9. Augmented Reality and Virtual reality based apps will be on the rise
  10. Low code and no code platforms drive productivity and agility

At present, there is an excessive focus on technical or subject matter skills. To some extent they are helpful. What is more important is to have a growth mindset and master people skills and leadership skills. It is also important to get digitally savvy. It is pertinent to mention that most professionals working on technology field are not tech savvy.

Next, is is essential to start observing and analysing numbers and take data driven decisions. This is an enormous skill.


Like wise, there a set of 10+ skills you need to master in order to stay relevant and resourceful.


We recommend a 3 step method to begin with 

  1. Step 1 : Take Career Compass boot camp course
  2. Step 2 : Take the Growth Quotient master class
  3. Step 3 : Subscribe to our growth Engineering Master membership. 

These are foundational actions  required for any working professional aspiring to grow.


Good question. You are not alone. Over 99% of working professionals face this dilemma.  Global slowdown and pandemics have only fuelled this further. 

Till you find a dream job, you can pursue your career options using various freelancing options. When you sign up for GEM membership, we give you the required direction , tools and networking options

Glad you asked this. You get access to the premium content spread across podcasts, audio books, weekly bonus books, short courses , webinars and so on


You also get several free previews to powerful full length courses. 

No. We never ask for your payment details. Choose our Free plan. There are no hidden costs or fine prints. We will never ask you any questions. 

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. 

You will no longer have access to the premium content. You can continue to pursue your learning goals using our free courses.

The global workforce is facing a huge skill gap. Many budding corporate managers are unable to catch up with the changing trends.

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