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Gem Edge - Campus to Corporate Learning Path

A modern leadership curriculum for future business leaders

Launch your career like a spaceship!

Launch your career

6 Masterclasses

Core professional strengths Six For your career success

39 Courses

Practical and Power packed courses to make you powerful

100 Hours

Hundred plus hours of self paced learning, group coaching, activities, assignments, assessments and projects

A modern leadership curriculum for future business leaders

Six Masterclasses

Campus to corporate transition and transformation

11 courses | 20 hours | 35 activities

  • Discover your core purpose and life priorities.
  • Identify your real enemies and understand how to conquer them.
  • Cultivate winning habits and make a power routine.
  • Create a support system that brings success.
  • Develop the mental strength to win in any adverse situation


5 courses | 8 hours | 5 activities

  • Transform yourself as a master communicator.
  • Become a go to person for any oral or written communication requirement within your professional and personal circle.
  • Maximize your income and influence

5 courses | 8 hours | 5 activities

  • Become a super influencer.
  • Learn how to handle any tough or sensitive situation with your ability to convince and convert people.
  • Get your point across and make people follow you in the most willing way
  • Learn how to prioritize critical projects flawlessly

6 courses | 8 hours | 5 activities

  • Understand how to think “out of the box”
  • Apply the critical thinking lens to discover more ways to look at the problem
  • Articulate better by thinking clearly and systematically
  • Learn how to apply reasoning and rationale
  • Apply innovation and design thinking for your critical projects and decisions

6 courses | 8 hours | 5 activities

  • Discover the secrets of productivity
  • Automate your tasks using Robotic process automation
  • Unleash your hidden performance buttons by getting in to the “flow state”
  • Drive agility and efficiency using the low code tools
  • Become a data driven leader and win over the data distanced managers

6 courses | 8 hours | 5 activities

  • Learn how to choose your dream career and find your way into it.
  • Understand the secrets of tough interviews and learn how to break them
  • Leverage your skills and maximize your income: Choose a side hustle path
  • Develop the essentials selling skills that help you cross any situation

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That’s 39 courses and 100 hours of fine learning. 

Successful completion gives you a career edge and exposure of a manager with 10 years experience.

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₹ 30,000/-

Training Material

₹ 10,000/-

Bonus Sessions

₹ 10,000/-

Live Sessions and Q&A

₹ 40,000/-

Total ₹ 90,000/-

Today ₹ 18,000/-

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

In case you have not accessed more than 5% of the course from a single system and wish to cancel for various reasons, we will refund 100% of the fees net of GST.

No questions asked.

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