How to teach online courses? You reached the #1 place to create best selling courses and earn money

How to teach online courses

A primer on how to teach online courses for all prospective online educators. 

Teaching online is a new trendy topic across the globe. We Indians are extra fast in catching every new trend! No doubt, we were all pushed by COVID but fortunately, the sparks did not fade like a fad.  

It is a good beginning. The world is going to face an acute shortage of skilled workers. The skills gap is the new global pandemic.

What is this skill gap? Why is it called a pandemic? Why should we care?

Well. The most feared pandemic called COVID 19 may be completely silenced within a year. We might face the side effects for one more year. No doubt we had a tough time. However, COVID19 has so far affected a small percentage of people globally. As of writing this, the world population and COVID infections stand at 780 crores and 4.5 crores respectively. 

But this may not be the case with the skill gap pandemic. As per the reports, during this decade, over 100 crore jobs will be displaced and disrupted by technology.

That’s over one third of the working population! That way, COVID has been considerate and  fortunately, very forgiving.   There is no lock-down feasibility to escape the new pandemic!

At the recent Davos meeting, WEF has declared the skill gap as a global emergency. 

During the coming ten years, over 9 crores of Indian students will write their first CVs and take up the first jobs. We are not even aware of what those jobs are going to be. When all of them are employed and pay taxes, purchasing power increases and the economy will be on steroids. The opposite is also true. Can we imagine a 25% unemployment rate on a 15 crore worker base? It will be a disaster.

COVID 19 is rewriting the rules and Artificial Intelligence is automating them. This results in several new trends and technologies spreading and penetrating deep into our day to day routines. This is a welcome change.

However, this results in new skills to be acquired and the old skills to be dropped.  As elders say, a good beginning of learning is all about how much you unlearn. Therefore we must take up the journey of unlearning and re-learning . We need to move out of our comfort zones. 

What should we do now to teach online and earn?

We have an acute shortage of teachers. Our ratio of student to teacher is completely skewed among all developing countries. Most trainers cannot use technology efficiently. This shortcoming brings severe challenges to repeatability and scalability. If mundane teaching can be shifted to pre-recorded video sessions, tutors get an opportunity to reclaim their time. 

Unless all educated and experienced professionals take up re-skilling and training as their agenda, it will be difficult for the governments and corporates to fight in siloes.

But online teaching is tough!

No doubt. Teaching is a skill. Speaking in front of camera is a bigger skill. Engaging online users is even more tougher skill. But these are the skills that help us bridge the gap and prepare for these essential changes.

But the good news is that there is so much of help available once you get started. 

Where are the online teaching opportunities? What are the options to teach online?

Online teaching opportunities are everywhere. Starting from Kindergarten to primary schools, K12, higher secondary, and upskilling of working professionals.

There are many online teaching platforms offering support for instructors. Following are the platforms. There may be many more but these are the most popular ones.

  1. Udemy 
  2. Teachable
  3. Thinkific
  4. Skillshare 
  5. Kajabi

Why are these online educators not able to make money then?

True. But online teaching and personalized teaching have a day and night difference. Over 99% of trainers don’t understand the basic teaching principles. This kind of knowledge gaps breed boredom and will force the students to discontinue. We need specialized skills and techniques to create an engaging training course. It may be tough initially but will pay back very soon. 

Why can’t I set up a platform on my own?

You can certainly do that if you are a bit tech-savvy. But the question is what is your core area and why should you spread yourself thin. Setting up an Ed-tech platform is costly and time-consuming. This platform requires heavy publicity, marketing, and advertising efforts. See the graphic below. The ecosystem has more than 25 complex to very complex components. Therefore it is important for instructors to concentrate on what is core to them and leave the rest to the respective specialists.

Online teaching ecosystem
Online teaching ecosystem

Agreed. But these online teaching platforms seem to be very unviable. Each of them charging heavily and or reducing the course fee drastically. Is there any alternative?

Well, we also think so. We observed several deficiencies in each of these platforms and models. We thought the Indian talent requires a versatile platform that can do the following :

  • Offer mobile experience 
  • Provide social learning 
  • Teach subjects in local languages 
  • Make the course interactive
  • Have a regular touch with the instructors
  • Give a practical, ready to apply knowledge 

With the intent of helping the trainers to become true mentors, we started this platform.

Then, We understood that an average Indian teacher requires help and support on curriculum design, courseware preparation, home studio set up, and various other requirements to reach online.

Our platform also provides various courses to mentors to equip them with modern teaching methods using technology.

What is this platform? How much does it cost for me to teach online?

Welcome to SkillCulture ™. Unified platform for e-learning and freelancing. You don’t need to pay anything to host your courses. Please register with us to know the complete details of the platform.

Click here to know more.

I want to know more on how to teach a course in a most engaging way

Sure. We have created a course that transforms all offline teachers into the most valuable online educators. This covers various topics such as differences in offline and online courses. How do adults learn? Using technology to create a more immersive experience for the student. deploying the latest tools to track the progress and drive the students to complete the course successfully. Please see the outcomes below

online teaching
How to teach online courses? You reached the #1 place to create best selling courses and earn money 4

This course gives you practical tips on the modern technology-driven instructional design for a long term, effective learning.

You can see more about this here

Are you planning to teach online? Visit the mentor intro section and give us basic details. We will get back to you .

Visit the harvesting starter section and explore various resources for mentors .

Happy teaching.

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