Improve your communication skills. Master these 4 secrets to win in this age of robots.

Communication skills

Improve your communication skills with the URGE framework.

Whether it is a large project or small product, you need to create an urge in the customer’s mind to gain an acceptance. Most of the gadgets we own today are the examples of the irrational urge.

The same is true even for a movie, stage show or even a presentation. You need to create the urge to get more.

  1. Understand the Situation
  2. Offer Remedies
  3. Demonstrate Gain (of accepting your solution) and Pain (of rejecting it)
  4. Build Excitement

Does your verbal / written presentation create the URGE?

Answer yourself the following questions:

  1. Do we have the complete understanding of the environment, possible remedies, Gains of your solution and pains if the client rejects or postpones?
  2. What is our remediation process to the problems faced by the prospect?
  3. Are the gains clearly explained to the customer ? Do they know that we understand thier pains?
  4. How does our solution change their life? 
Communication skills
Communication skills

Read the Slide Spin Duo for more information on this.

If we can find satisfactory answers to the above questions, we can be reasonably assured of a success.

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