Mentor Introduction

Welcome to the Amazing world of SkillCulturists!

Coaching Support

It is time for talent harvesting.

Does your knowledge RAVE?

Is your knowledge Readable, Audible, Visible, and, Earnable?

If your knowledge is not readable, audible, visible and earnable, then your investment is a wasted opportunity. 

We can help you make your knowledge RAVE. Just the way rural India thrives on agriculture, it is now time for urban India to start the SkillCulture™. 

Become a Skill Culturist with us. There is so much of talent to harvest

You are never alone on SkillCulture platform

Easy course creation

Front end course upload

Reports and dashboards

Student dashboard
Progress reports
Commission report

Business Development 

Marketing support
Mailing lists
Affiliate support

Special Features

Gamification Enabled
AR/VR Ready
xAPI compliant courses
Supports analytics

Social Engagement

Social connect with students and mentors
Access to mentor community

Extended Support

Technical support
Extended mentor support for courseware creation and production (paid)
Easy payment option for mentor services (optional)

Free platform access - No fixed cost commitment

Highest commission compared to any other platform. Earn up to 80% of course fee

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Your courses and students deserve the best platform

Become a SkillCulturist with us

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