Parenting Goals : Purpose, Posterity, and Professional Alignment

Parenting Goals
In this series of parenting goals, we try to pose few questions to young parents.

How aligned is your mindset, toolset with the rest of the world? Check out.

If you are between 30 and 60 years, you will be benefitted the most out of this. I am confident that you will feel the need after reading this post.

There are three prime reasons:

  1. No doubt, technology is changing rapidly. It is time for us to understand how the recent technologies can impact two areas work and home. If not all technologies, we need to consider developments on key technologies like Robotics, IOT, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning.
  2. We need to acknowledge our compelling accountability towards the children
  3. We also need to realize our role in the society and the fact that we have a top obligation to give something back.

Therefore, the change looks inevitable and massive. This cannot be accomplished until we get into a mission mode.

To me personally, this mission is more like a social movement.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. However, is it really for the better? Let’s see. 

Estimated world budget for Technology in 2018 is over USD 7 trillion. That’s the combined GDP of India, UK, and Russia! However, sadly, out of this colossal chunk, more than half will be lost to cyber-crimes. Yes, you read this right. Cyber-crime is a 3.5 trillion industry.

While the world spent a nearly similar amount on defense last year, I am not sure how much of this is allocated for Cyber defense. We will leave the defense secrets to the governments, but we certainly need to worry about the price we need to pay for our cyber ignorance.

More and more robots are being deployed for cyber-crimes. While there are 150 thousand deaths in a day, there are 150 thousand data thefts per hour. This is alarming.

That means we are likely to encounter more artificial stupidity than artificial intelligence. Cyber-crime is going to top all other categories of terrorism.

While we prepare ourselves for this, we are going to be hit by the Technological Singularity. Technology singularity is where the robots no longer need to be programmed. They will have similar or higher intelligence than humans. The Singularity expected around 2040.  Seems really far but if you have a school or college going kid, they will be in their late 30s or early 40s. Scary.

Is this the future we intend to give them? Don’t we need to prepare them better to handle some of these? Before all these don’t, we need to prepare ourselves?

If you think so, continue.

What happens when you sign on a contract/legal bond and do not honor the contractual obligations?

Very Simple. Our rights or privileges may be revoked, we might be prosecuted, and even our possessions can be confiscated. E.g., In case we continue to miss the EMI of a property loan.

We are conditioned to take the contractual obligations seriously.

Whether we realize this or not, we all have signed on some unwritten lifetime contracts. First, when we are born and 2. when we became parents. While we successfully outsourced most of our obligations of the first contact to our parents, we still need to take the accountability of those contracts involving our children.

We need to provide a reliable future for our kids.

Today, the G-Culture in youngsters is spreading like gangrene.  What is G-Culture? While Hindi speaking readers can connect better to this, here is a brief description:

  1. Gun Culture: Advanced Countries
  2. Grudge: Some countries supporting terrorism directly or indirectly
  3. Gadget: All third world countries
  4. Greed: Underdeveloped nations
  5. Gaming and Gambling: All pervasive without any exception

Each country has a peculiar demographics now. While countries like India are blessed with the highest number of youth, the onus is more on the parent to minimize the perversion or the like. Similarly, in other countries where the older generation outnumbers the youngsters, they have more reasons to protect the limited numbers.

It is pertinent to mention that we have not yet covered the issues regarding gender and woman safety.

What is Posterity and why do we need to care?

We all agree that Children of this generation badly miss many best things we had access to. The G-Culture is robbing the youthfulness out of them. What do we need to give our children?

  • The legacy of wealth? Kids of this generation are much smarter and can earn their livelihood better than all of us.
  • Good education? Most of what they learn is going to be useless and obsolete. Remember Singularity?
  • Good care and warmth? We are too busy thinking about our own Health,
  • Wealth and Stealth (Yes, this is a short and sweet word for excessive self-centricity)
  • A good company of grandparents? We either don’t have, or we are too worried about the contagious old thoughts our parents might have.

We need to give them the education that teaches them discretion. That’s about culture, values, and access to several other ancient scriptures. We also need to provide them with the virtues required to fight the G-Culture. We should give the sense in a manner they can take it better.

Stay Tuned, We will get all answers.

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