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The growth quotient is the one of the best personality development books to read in this age of robotics and era of corona

The world is changing rapidly. Most of the skillsets we use today will be irrelevant very soon. Several jobs that exist today will be extinct. AI-powered apps and robots will replace all of them. 

Corona Pandemic has fast-tracked most of these developments. COVID is rewriting the rules of the game, and AI is automating them. Acute talent deficiency is another pandemic all of us will face very soon. Ok. Let us park the pandemics for some time and talk about our eyesight.  The average human eyesight is  20/20. People with 20/30 vision don’t get a driving license in most countries. Anything around 20/1000 is considered blindness. 

What about our mindsight? Is it 20/20? Much lesser. This book teaches you how to improve your mind-sight.  This book introduces four different lenses. These lenses improve the mind’s vision significantly. 

Let’s talk about hunger now. Whenever we are hungry, our stomach sends multiple signals to the whole body. Immediately, our eyes start the search operation, and our tongue joins the mission with the taste sensors. The nose filters out the smells and the mouth begins to secrete the saliva. The whole body works in tandem until we finish a plate or two. Most of the time, over-cooperation results in super binging. What about our brain? Is it endowed with all these facilities? How do you know when the brain is hungry? How do you sense if someone feeds it toxic food?

All successful leaders in the world have a Mind Position System fitted to their brains. The mid positioning system helps them to navigate through any tough and uncomfortable situation. You can also get this if you want. This book teaches you how to install one.

Three aspects define your personality:

  • What you have
  • What you drop
  • What you pick

The foundational qualities you need to have:

  • High Ambition
  • A strong Belief system
  • Clarity on goals and ambitions
  • Undeterred Discipline

ABCDs in short.

The thoughts you need to drop:

  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Unfounded Fear
  • Greed
  • Hatred

EFGH in short.

You need to pick four quotients (or lenses):

 1. Consciousness Quotient 

 2. Environmental Quotient 

 3. Digital Quotient

 4. Number Quotient

The Growth Quotient is one of the must read personality development books. The book teaches the modern-day manager how to win in the age of robots and the era of Corona. This book empowers leaders with a blend of immutable principles and cutting edge technology tools. The reader will understand the critical elements required for sustained growth and celebrated success.

That’s not all. You will learn to apply the following time tested methods at your workplace:

  • GRIT  method to achieve your goals
  • OPEN  method for better communication 
  • A SIMPLE   method for effective communication and presentation 
  • PATH  method to get customer delight
  • HEAL  method to heal the wounded clients and team members
  • SUIT method to resolve team conflicts
  • CALM method to overcome fear

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