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Put your courses on cloud.
Your students on cloud 9.

The most advanced learning experience platform

Best in class LMS with several options for course engagement. Instructor front end for course creation. Student and instructor dashboards. Collaborate with co instructors. Create learning paths

Social learning

Create groups, forums and involve students

Highest Security

DRM based videos, most secure platform, high availability


Provide gamified experience to students. Assign rewards, points.

Show progress ,engage students. Show learderboards.

Engagement options

We have a plethora of options to engage students. You can configure the following Groups Forums Built in chat Built in email Launch Zoom meetings from inside the class. Create unlimited quizzes and assignments. Provide drip content. Create polls Create in-video quizzes

Marketing Support

Get 5x more customers

Create coupons, store credits, popup boxes. Create upsells and cross sells, bundle products. . Automate marketing mails.


Choose the perfect plan

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₹ 4,999

Per month

Scale up

₹ 12,999

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will host your courses on the most advanced and secure platform. Several firewalls and complex rules protect your content. We host your videos on the most secure Digital Rights Management platform used by all popular OTT platforms.

You always own your student data and your content. Like most other platforms, you are not building castles on rented lands!

We offer two types of plans. 


  1. White-labeled edition
  2. Community edition 


In a white-labeled edition, you will have complete exclusivity. You will have a dedicated website, logo, and other branding related choices. This is best suited for private tutorial colleges. 


In a community edition, you will display your courses on the main group page. 

Community editions are incredibly beneficial to bring high visibility to your courses. Community Edition offers excellent collaboration and co-creation opportunities. Your courses are always on the home page. You can pair with other instructors to provide custom learning paths. Instructors can help each by referring and recommending their courses. 

Good question. You are not alone. Over 99% of instructors face this dilemma and difficulty. We have the following support. 


  1. Take our Digi Guru course. This course gives you everything required to launch online courses and manage them successfully after that.   
  2. Subscribe to one of our course creation services. Please give us your course video/ audio along with the basic course script in the word document. We will transform your courses into a very unique and engaging masterpiece. We will upload the courses and do all the heavy lifting and inform you once your courses are available online.
  3. You can occasionally manage them using a simple to use frontend.
  4. We are only a call or click away for any support. 


All these services truly accelerate your course launch and success process while allowing you to concentrate on what is core to you.

Glad you asked this. Following are ‘essential’ features to drive engagement. We are proud to state that our platform supports 100% and more. 


  1. Gamification 
  2. Live lessons on Zoom
  3. Group and forum
  4. Automation of mails
  5. Built-in video conferencing 
  6. In video quizzes and polls
  7. Quizzes
  8. Popups
  9. Assignments
  10. Measurement of engagement 
  11. Drip feeds
  12. Barge in with chat popup in case student is stuck with something 
  13. Private & hidden courses
  14. Memberships and bundles 
  15. Certificates
  16. Advanced Customization 
  17. Many more

Not at all. We accept all Indian payment methods and payment gateways and support easy payment options like 0 cost EMI, Lazy pay, and the like. We know about you and the needs of your students. You are fully covered.

You are never alone on our platform. We will do our best to handle all complex and boring activities so that you can engage with your students and develop interesting courses. We provide a host of options like the following:


  1. Student invites 
  2. Email automation 
  3. Group registrations 
  4. Coupons 
  5. Store credits
  6. Upsell / cross-sell / down-sell
  7. Abandoned cart tracking 
  8. Email retargeting


Subscribe to our full freedom marketing service, and you can see your courses shine.

Yes. You can co-create courses and control the course revenue sharing options through the frontend.

No. We never ask for your payment details. Choose our Free forever plan. There are no hidden costs or fine prints. We will never ask you any questions. 

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. 

  1. Rich learning environment
  2. Multiple devices and with resume on any device
  3. Optimized for all devices
  4. Easy course navigation
  5. No technical expertise is required.
  6. Easy import and export options
  7. Full ownership 
  8. No lock-in, lockout, or any obligation.
  9. Support for all industry-standard content creation and management 
  10. Course reviews
  11. Discussion forums
  12. Instant access to funds
  13. Drip feeds and timed content.
  14. Easy to configure dashboard 
  15. Retargeting pixel support
  16. Conversion tracking 

Our clients say

Fabulous Experience. LMS has all options to engage students
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Awesome. This is a fusion of speed , security and features. The best experience.
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Ravi E
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