Motivation: 7 remarkable ways to motivate yourself to do great things


We all have those moments when we hit a wall. We feel like giving up and resigning from our goals, leaving us searching for ways to get motivated again. It can be difficult to find the motivation for creating something beneficial and productive in our lives, especially when it feels daunting or there seems too much to do! In this blog post,

Many of us are masters at the art of goal-setting but have difficulty with implementation. Dreaming up grand plans is a thrilling process, unfortunately, this is followed by an intense wave of low motivation when it comes time to act on them. It’s as if we know what needs doing – yet don’t understand how to muster the energy and courage needed for execution! How do we bridge this frustrating gap between intention and action?

Master self-motivation and you can do anything. However, if your ability to tie your planning and action phases together is poor, you’ll struggle immensely. I’ll share with you some strategies that will help you motivate yourself so you can achieve your goals and ambitions, no matter how big they seem!

Now, you need to know how to enhance your motivation and your results in life.

7 Steps to develop motivation for a great life

Aim to achieve whatever motivates you

Although it can be difficult to stay motivated when faced with a task as unglamorous as working on the weekend, considering what you might gain in return is important. Thinking of how your actions will benefit others and imagining yourself healthier or more successful down the road are ways that you can motivate yourself to take inspired action. Whether it’s completing a report for work now so that one day soon you’ll get promoted or exercising regularly so that eventually you’re feeling fitter and looking better — think ahead!

Give attention to things that you can control

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by things beyond your control, focus on what you can influence. Don’t pour time and effort into events that are out of reach – instead put those resources to work in areas where they will make a difference. Make sure any goals or aspirations fall within the sphere of possibility; striving for more might just lead to frustration and disillusionment!

Split your goals into smaller activities

Depending on your ability to focus, it might be necessary to break up the goal into segments that last anywhere from one week to 12 weeks. This way your brain can experience success and logically see a positive long-term outcome. You’ll procrastinate if the path looks too challenging.

Act first

It’s a mistake to wait for motivation to strike. You might find yourself waiting for a long time. Avoid thinking too much about the work to be done. If you wait too long to get started, procrastination becomes more likely.

Begin to Focus on smaller achievements

If your goal is to lose 50 pounds over the next year, it’s easy to become burned out. After two hard weeks of hitting the gym, avoiding late-night snacks, and drinking only water, you’ve lost a total of two pounds. You’re right on schedule, but you realize that you have 48 weeks and 48 pounds to go. It seems like too much to bear.

Before you can stop yourself, get started

You’ll find that motivation is easier to experience after you’ve acted.

Every minute you wait under the guise of “planning” or “strategizing” saps what little motivation you may already have. Jump up and get busy!

Enhance your mood

Motivation cannot be developed when you’re in a bad mood. Studies have shown that a negative mood increases procrastination behaviors.

Procrastination enhances your mood in the short term but at the expense of the future. Put yourself into a better mental state and procrastination becomes less likely to occur. Happiness increases productivity and success. Monitor your progress. Research suggests that nothing is more motivating than progress in a meaningful endeavor. Without motivation, you can make spectacular goals and plans and still come up short.

How can you motivate yourself to work on your passion?

Motivate yourself and you can do anything. Learning to manage your motivation is a key component of accomplishing great things. For this, you should understand the passion and know how to develop it.

Becoming more passionate

When you have passion, you have a life energy that allows you to achieve your dreams. Passion helps you get out of bed in the morning and seize the day! Being passionate about something can be a great motivator, but sometimes it’s hard to find. It can be difficult to have enthusiasm for something if you don’t feel inspired, especially when tackling mundane everyday tasks.

Benefits of being passionate

There are many benefits to being a more passionate person. With an invigorating passion for life, you can enjoy sustainable energy that motivates and inspires you. You’ll also enjoy more leisure time, and quality relationships, and people will be drawn to you. You’ll also enjoy an enthusiasm for life that can last a lifetime. It all starts with this simple thing called passion!

Develop passion

Everyone has their own unique path to developing greater passion in their lives. Experiment with different strategies to find something that works for you.

How to work on developing passion?

Learning how to develop passion is key in any pursuit of a personal dream or goal. To do this, it’s important to prioritize your activities and interests, build habits that support progress in your chosen area, and recognize the importance of developing a positive attitude toward the outcome. In other words, believe that success and fulfillment are possible!

Follow your dreams

Following your dreams is not a fairytale; it’s what you’re supposed to do in life! If you’ve lost your passion, chances are you’ve been working towards a goal that’s not your true goal. It’s time to evaluate your priorities. Once you’re on a path to your true dreams, you’ll find your passion again.

Make time for practices and skill development

Practice makes perfect! Research potential mentors or someone who has expertise in what you want to pursue. Find someone you can learn from, who will motivate and encourage you along the way. Visualize yourself achieving your goals to create an image of what success looks like for you. Working on developing passion requires patience, focus and the willingness to take risks – with effort, these rewards mean that it’s worth prioritizing actions that keep you motivated.

Consider a spiritual approach

Maybe it’s time to get more in touch with your spiritual side. Many faiths deal with life’s tougher questions and they also provide purpose. When you discover your purpose and feel it, you’ll also find passion.

Concentrate on developing relationships

It’s always a good idea to delve deeper into your relationships with your loved ones. When you keep things fresh and try new things, you may also discover your passion. You’ll look forward to new life events when everything is not as mundane.

Know yourself and your values

If you’re still confused when it comes to finding your passion, perhaps it’ll help to take stock of your true values. Take a moment to write down your values. It might seem like a silly exercise, but when you see everything written down on paper it may provide you with some clarity.  

Everyone will have a different set of values; it’s what makes a person unique. Once you’ve narrowed down your values, you can begin to see how you can honor them each day.

Look for ways to enjoy and gain happiness

Do you feel like your life is stuck in a pattern of striving for the future while forgetting to live presently? It’s time to shake up that routine and make yourself a priority. Commit 15 minutes or more out of each day solely for YOU – whether it be following an interest, exploring avenues outside of the ordinary 9-5 job market, or anything! Don’t let this precious opportunity slip away; turn those dreams into reality by putting plans into action today.

Make smaller steps in the beginning

Your small chunks of time spent pursuing your passions can result in spectacular results. When you see the proof of your dreams realized, it’ll feed even more passion into you. Your new goal will be to avoid breaking your successful new pattern. Keep making yourself a priority and you’ll re-discover the passion in your life!

Learning how to motivate yourself is an incredibly important skill. After all, if you don’t know how to get yourself moving, it will be very difficult to accomplish anything significant in your life. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to increase your motivation levels. By trying out some of the techniques we’ve listed above, you should find yourself better able to take on whatever challenges come your way. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start doing great things!

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

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