Supercharge your sales pitch: 10 presentation resources you can’t ignore

Sales pitch

Your sales pitches deserve the best tools and techniques. We present you the handpicked gems to spruce up your sales pitch

PowerPoint, Slides and Keynote are not the only presentation tools available. There are many exciting and innovative products worth looking at. VideoScribe uses whiteboard animation. Regard them as a complementary service provider.  Although we have more than a dozen products in the category, I am covering two (not necessarily the top two.) 


Canva is an all-in-one online design platform. You can design presentations for sales pitch, flyers, CD covers, posters, social media banners and even invitation cards. This is what Guy Kawasaki Says about Canva: “Macintosh democratised computers; Google democratised information, and eBay democratised commerce. In the same way, Canva democratises design.”

This is a novel attempt to engage users. uses blackboard and scribble effects to illustrate a point. All the viewer sees is a hand scribbling on a blackboard while the background audio explains the concept. This gives the presentation an impressive look and ensures viewer engagement. VideoScribe is simple enough to master in a short time. The website offers video tutorials helping you learn smoothly.

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Audience Interaction

To bring in interactivity and improve the participation of the audience, you can take up various activities, opinion polls and so on. One such product that you can use for the purpose is   This is an add-on to PowerPoint menu. You can set up a questionnaire and provide options.



In addition to being super useful in sales pitches, prototypes and design mock-ups could also bridge the gap between developers and users and can potentially save lots of time, money, and frustration. If you have an idea of how your business application or website should function, you should try these tools.

Prototype Designs using PowerPoint.


This is not just for sales pitch. Keynotopia offers excellent templates and UI elements for rapid prototyping. You are off the block in thirty minutes. Try this out if you want to contribute to the application development process.

Keynotopia offers multiple PowerPoint presentations with UI elements relevant to each platform. For example, you will find a presentation for iPhone 6, another for Android, others for Windows and so on.


Sometimes to enhance the effectiveness of your sales pitches, you may need to present a blue print of your product, service or an idea. You can quickly build prototypes for your sales pitch using this

Unlike Keynotopia, this is a PowerPoint add-in that seamlessly integrates with the PowerPoint itself. You will be able to use the UI elements the way you use graphics from the picture library.

You could ask the participants to respond using their phones, tablets or laptops via SMS, Twitter or other such platforms. You will get real-time updates and choices on the screen instantly. This is an excellent way to engage the audience and enliven the atmosphere. E-learning tools that resemble or make use of PowerPoint


Sales pitches can be fortified using customer training and education.

If you have used PowerPoint for training or designing e-learning courses, you will appreciate the functionality of Adobe Captivate. This is an exciting tool that works with PowerPoint and other applications and makes the e-learning courses interactive.

Teach online
Teach online

A similar product in this segment is Articulate storyline. Both the products offer free trial versions that you can use for a month. If you are in the e-learning field or wish to design training programmes, you should try these out.


You can buy impressive presentation slides from the following sites. These are real tools for a powerful sales pitch

  1. SlidesGo
  2. Slidebean
  3. Infographia

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To Sum up

In this information age and connected world, presentation skills play a vital role in career/business success. A great presentation could make or break a product, an idea…a career!

Despite being widely accepted, we see lot of gaps in our presentation skills in this area even today.

Over 90% of professionals feel limited by the tools, thoughts and techniques to express their ideas. ‘Thought constipation’ can play havoc and limit various opportunities.

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