Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics That Will Get Shy Customers Talking

You have a loyal base of customers that promote your brand and rave about your products. They are vocal advocates who comment on your social media platforms, share opinions on review sites, and encourage friends and family to purchase from you. They are satisfied and delighted with your products and services and want everyone to know about it.

You also have a core group who consistently purchase from you, snap up all your free lead magnets, like your posts, and sign up for notifications about upcoming sales, events, or new releases. But they are quiet. They don’t ask questions during live calls, they don’t leave reviews, and they rarely comment. They are happy to use your product and get on with their life. They are satisfied, but don’t feel the need to broadcast it.

How do you get these people to talk and why is it so important that they do?


Expand Perspective and Amplify Different Voices

Customers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some people are naturally enthusiastic, opinionated, and extroverted. They share their opinions readily. They make up the bulk of comments sections and review sites.

But to attract prospects who are more thoughtful, reflective, practical, or technical, it’s important to encourage customers who share these traits to speak up too.

They might notice and appreciate attributes of your offering that other people don’t even recognize. Or use your products in ways that the average customer doesn’t. It is beneficial to have a wide range of reviewers and satisfied customers sharing their experience with your brand.


Tactics to Get Shy Customers Talking

Give them Freebies. Provide incentives for reviews on your website, social media pages, or third-party review sites. This isn’t bribery, but instead it’s encouragement to share out loud what they’re already thinking and feeling.

Offer discounts on future purchases, loyalty points, a reduced renewal fee if you have a membership program, a gift card, or an upgrade on their next purchase.

Promote this incentive program on post-purchase confirmation emails, in an email newsletter, on a podcast, in a blog post, and more.

Foster a sense of community. Another reason why some people might not feel inclined to engage in word-of-mouth marketing is that, while they like your products, they don’t feel a sense of loyalty or that they’re part of a community.

To show them that they’re appreciated and to encourage a sense of belonging, do something like acknowledge their birthday with an automated personalized email and some sort of gift or discount. This will cause them to pause and rethink the nature of their relationship with you and your brand.

Encourage the growth of your online community. Form an online group specifically for loyal customers and make it worth joining. Cover topics relevant to your niche and products.

Create a referral program. Some people may still hesitate to write reviews or actively engage in a community, but they may be willing to recommend you to friends or family.

Establish a referral program. Encourage customers to become brand advocates by rewarding them for referrals. Give them a discount on their next purchase, loyalty points, or product bonuses.

Encourage conversation. Start conversations on your social media pages that will naturally invite positive comments and feedback about your products. Ask them questions like:

What is your favorite product and why?

Describe the first time you tried our product.

What special feature do you love?

What kind of results have you experienced?

How has it changed your life?

Get everybody talking about your brand – not just the vocal customers. Encourage a wide range of customer perspectives to expand your base. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, so use it widely.

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