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Monthly membership for a structured professional development

Gem Resources L 1

Access premium growth resources on leadership, self help, personality development and more.


Gem Membership​

Experience our up-skilling platform. We packed everything you need for your career growth and personality development: 

  • Specialised learning paths
  • Practical courses 
  • Short Books
  • Audio summaries 
  • Psychometrics 
  • Many more 

Excellence was never so affordable.  


Need a career Advice?

is here

We help you maximise your time and maximise the value of your time.​

For fresh graduates who are at the crossroads and needing guidance on career vs higher studies.

Understand your options,  preferences, fitment and growth opportunities.

Make your first move strategically.

For employed professionals who are grappling with scented growth and looking for active advancement of their career.

Spend your work hours wisely. Maximise your time and maximise the value of your time. 

Facing an interview? Ace it ! When you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Our interview specialists will guide you on every softer aspect and will prepare you to face your big day.

The work of rehearsal is looking for meaning and then making it meaningful.

– Peter Brook
Don’t lose your valuable opportunities for lack of preparation. Our consultants are here to guide you to the success path 

This service is for seasoned managers and aspiring leaders. With executive coaching, you can get immense benefits including the following:

  • Get clarity about your goals, strengths
  • Realign your goals with your strengths and opportunities
  • Improve relationships and expand your network
  • Leverage your strengths  and connections
  • Accomplish more in less time

Whether it is professional or academic, you are never alone when you are racing against project deadlines. Our experts understand the expectations and will serve what you need  

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