• 1 Unit

    20 ways to boost Emotional Intelligence

      “Of the competencies required for excellent in performance in the job studies, 67% were emotional competencies.”  — Daniel Goleman Your five-minute guide to get…
  • 1 Unit

    25 Job interview secrets

    Ace your next job interview with these 25 immutable rules of facing the interview Getting a job is hard work! You’ve sent out your resumes…
  • 3 Units

    Above and Beyond

    What is the secret to the success of top leaders and the organizations they represent? They understand two key aspects very well • 1.They need to manage three key stakeholders exceedingly well to succeed: Customers, Partners, and Employees. 2.They understand the difference between serving them and wowing them. 


    In this course, you will learn how to create delightful and memorable experiences for these key stakeholders and achieve long-term win-win relationships.   

  • 8 Units

    Bridging The Gap

    When you are confident about yourself and have 100% belief in your actions, it goes a long way in you moving up the ladder in…
  • 5 Units

    Coaching From The Body – Vedic Framework For Transformation

    “Your body is an intelligent organism!” ​Learn how you can tap into that wisdom contained within your body through the lens of the Vedic Frameworks.…
  • 6 Units

    Crossing the comfort zone

    Your comfort zone is a safe and secure place but outside of that zone is where true growth occurs.  Smash the status quo and watch…
  • 4 Units

    Daily Success Rituals

    In this program, we’re going to be talking about your daily foundation.  Setting up a foundation for daily success in your life, not just from…
  • 13 Units

    Digi Guru Pro

    A successful online course gives you the ability to impact the lives of people around the world. Rather than working one-on-one and trading your time for money, you can increase your income and help more people at the same time. However, creating your course is just one part of the equation.

    The way you launch and market it will make the difference between a course that impacts thousands and one that sits silently online, hidden from the very people it could help.


    For this course, you should already have put in the time and energy to design, develop, and set up your own online course.


    In this course, you’ll look in detail at how you can successfully launch and market your online course. You’ll find everything you need including how to create sales pages that convert, email sequences that create a buzz, a webinar that turns potential customers into buyers and much more. This course is your blueprint for a successful launch and subsequent sales, and with that, you will achieve your business and revenue targets.

  • 8 Units

    Emotional Intelligence Advantage – iEnglish

    You probably know someone that is highly intelligent from an intellectual standpoint but struggles with life. This is often a person with low emotional intelligence.…
  • 6 Units

    Full-Stack JavaScript Programming

    This course is on Full-Stack Javascript programming
  • 2 Units


    • Explain the benefits of gamification for growing your business.
    • Take advantage of gamification tactics for market research, so that you can build better customer personas and gain better feedback for new product or service launches.
    • Grow the number of leads and prospects you have through the use of game elements.
    • Incorporate games in your business that increase customer retention and loyalty.
    • Create a plan to add a gamification element to your marketing activities.
  • 1 Unit

    Getting into FLOW state

    • Find out the productivity secrets of super achievers
    • Learn how they master focus despite facing disastrous distractions
    • Learn what sets the highest achievers apart from everyone else
    • Increase your levels of focus and concentration
    • Experience massive increase in productivity, concentration, and happiness
    • Enter into the FLOW state
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