• 5 Units

    Coaching From The Body – Vedic Framework For Transformation

    “Your body is an intelligent organism!” ​Learn how you can tap into that wisdom contained within your body through the lens of the Vedic Frameworks.…
  • 6 Units

    Crossing the comfort zone

    Your comfort zone is a safe and secure place but outside of that zone is where true growth occurs.  Smash the status quo and watch…
  • 1 Unit

    Getting into FLOW state

    • Find out the productivity secrets of super achievers
    • Learn how they master focus despite facing disastrous distractions
    • Learn what sets the highest achievers apart from everyone else
    • Increase your levels of focus and concentration
    • Experience massive increase in productivity, concentration, and happiness
    • Enter into the FLOW state
  • 2 Units

    Growth Mindset

    • Define and adopt a mindset for growth
    • Dispel limiting beliefs that are holding you back
    • Tame the inner critic and travel on growth highway
    • Understand the difference between fixed and growth mindset
    • Learn 11 critical mindset changes to unlock your growth mindset
  • 1 Unit

    Inside the leader mind

    1.Clarify where and how you need to change your mindset 2.Develop a business head  Mindset 3.Make speedy and informed decisions, so that you can optimize your time 4.Delegate efficiently 5.Innovate and overtake the competition  

  • 2 Units

    Managing Remote Teams

    • Discover the most important skills for effective remote team management
    • Put systems in place to ensure everyone receives the same information and can easily contribute to shared projects
    • Decide how you will get to know your team members better and keep them motivated
    • Foster engagement and a team ethos to ensure all team members work together
    • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps
  • 10 Units

    Overcome Excuses

    When people procrastinate, they do it in an effort to avoid an unpleasant or less desirable task they want to avoid doing.  They think that…
  • 12 Units

    Rising From The Ashes

    Everybody has a setback every once in a while, but it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. In fact, failure can be…
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