• 2 Units

    Growth Mindset

    • Define and adopt a mindset for growth
    • Dispel limiting beliefs that are holding you back
    • Tame the inner critic and travel on growth highway
    • Understand the difference between fixed and growth mindset
    • Learn 11 critical mindset changes to unlock your growth mindset
  • 10 Units

    How to develop Emotional Intelligence

    Do you suffer from any of these?

    - You constantly perform poorly at work
    - You criticize others every chance you get
    - You are constantly angry for no reason
    - You have trouble working in a team
    - You aren’t mindful of how others feel
    - It comes naturally for you to blame others for your misfortunes

    If you said YES to any of these, then more than likely you have low emotional intelligence.

    The truth of the matter is, IQ only makes up about 20% of our achievements in life while the remaining 80% depends on our emotional intelligence.

    But how do you develop and increase your emotional intelligence?


    This course addresses all these issues and more. We are offering you the quickest way to equip yourself with the most critical skill set.


    Jump in. 

  • 10 Units

    How to overcome obstacles like a pro

    Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.” – Lou Holtz.
  • 10 Units

    How to start a Freelance Business

    Starting a freelance business can seem like a difficult venture. There is a plethora of things that need to be taken into consideration before you…
  • 1 Unit

    Inside the leader mind

    1.Clarify where and how you need to change your mindset 2.Develop a business head  Mindset 3.Make speedy and informed decisions, so that you can optimize your time 4.Delegate efficiently 5.Innovate and overtake the competition  

  • 1 Unit

    Java for absolute beginners

    Are you ready to start coding in Java today? Let’s get started with object oriented programming, printing screen, and understanding basic integers. As we continue…
  • 6 Units

    Know your Why

    Find your purpose, passion and unleash your inner power Identify why you need to get clear on your big ‘why’ and how it affects your…
  • 10 Units

    Make It Happen

    Sad though it surely is, most of us do not end up in the jobs that we dreamed of when we were younger. In fact,…
  • 2 Units

    Managing Remote Teams

    • Discover the most important skills for effective remote team management
    • Put systems in place to ensure everyone receives the same information and can easily contribute to shared projects
    • Decide how you will get to know your team members better and keep them motivated
    • Foster engagement and a team ethos to ensure all team members work together
    • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps
  • 10 Units

    Meditation for busy people

    What is meditation ? What’s all the buzz around it? Can it really improve career? Can it help in building a healthy body and mind?…
  • 10 Units

    Overcome Excuses

    When people procrastinate, they do it in an effort to avoid an unpleasant or less desirable task they want to avoid doing.  They think that…
  • 10 Units

    Peak Productivity

    We look at productivity as the output of our efforts. But, what kind of output and how many efforts have to be put to get…
  • 10 Units

    Personal Transformation Mastery

    We are progressing in our lives with little growth and do not want to think beyond. This is because we like to continue growing with…
  • 12 Units

    Rising From The Ashes

    Everybody has a setback every once in a while, but it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. In fact, failure can be…
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