How to Deliver Automated Customer Service (Without Losing the Personal Touch)

Itís essential to offer the best customer service possible, but itís nearly impossible to do this if you run a small business and youíre trying to grow. As you gain more customers, youíll need to broaden your customer service capabilities. Automation offers a way to do this while you scale. Itís not just labor-saving for you, but it also ensures that every customer gets their needs met.

Hire a Chatbot
One option is to add a 24/7 chatbot to your website. You might have seen this before. You visit a website and an avatar appears, asking, ìCan I help you with anything?î
Your chatbot is available 24/7 to reply to your customers in real time. Itís loaded with data about your company, so it can offer reliable and accurate information related to most customer inquiries. And if someone wants to talk to a human being, they can contact you through the regular channels.

Site Help with Widgets
Another automation option is to install widgets on your website that personalize the experience for each visitor. These programs can analyze visitor behavior and offer customized content suggestions. This is especially useful for an ecommerce site, where customers can receive helpful product suggestions based on their preferences and shopping history.

Cut Down Reply Time with Templates
One way to save time and improve consistency is to use templates for common communications and replies. For example, if you have a follow-up email you send to customers post-purchase, you can automate this so you donít have to send manually each time. Personalization options help make the recipient feel special, even though youíre using a template and email software program to communicate.

Manage Your Customer Relations
A customer relationship management (CRM) program can help you manage customer data through automation. It can also help with things like autocompleting webforms. It saves information about your customers, such as address and email. This saves users the trouble of entering this information manually each time itís required.

Automate Ticket Assignment
Automated ticket assignment is a program that directs customer inquiries by topic area. Rather than contacting you and then having to be routed to the appropriate representative, ticket assignment uses keywords and other triggers to send customers to the right person or department. This cuts down on response time and improves customer service by eliminating one step.

Best Practices for Customer Service Automation
Automation can vastly improve your customer service, but you donít want to lose the personal touch. To do it well, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Augment, donít replace. Keep your focus on improving customer service, not solely on reducing your workload.
  • Test everything youíre considering using before you implement. Make sure itís a seamless experience and an improvement.
  • Choose simple solutions first so that itís easier for you and your customers.

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