Focus on Customer Onboarding: What are the 8 major misses that have to be avoided?

Customer onboarding misses

It takes some time and effort to set up a customer onboarding plan. Unfortunately, there are several things that businesses tend to forget to do.

Imagine you just completed a great job interview. You nailed it! The recruiter said you were perfect for the position and would be hearing back soon. Then, nothing. Weeks go by without any word. This is what it’s like for many customers when they experience lousy customer onboarding. Companies can make or break a customer relationship during the initial stages, so it’s important to get this process right. Here are eight of the biggest misses but essentials of customer onboarding.

Are you forgetting one of these customer onboarding essentials?

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

How well do you know your target market? Are you creating a customer onboarding system based on assumptions? Before you get started, you need to understand the customer’s needs and pain points. You should know how they experience buying from your business. You also need to understand their expectations, attitudes, and demographics.

The Big Picture View

Customer onboarding should teach the buyer about features that will provide value short-term. However, businesses often forget to demonstrate the long-term value of the product. If the user understands the big picture of how it will make improvements to their life or business, this will further improve satisfaction with the product.

Proper Customer Support

A good system includes touchpoints where you can communicate with your users and make sure they’re on track, as well as a robust knowledge base full of educational materials. But you also need responsive customer support for issues facing the user right now. In all your planning, don’t forget to provide a way to contact you and get real-time help from a human being whenever needed.

Personalizing Your Onboarding

It would help if you created your customer onboarding plan based on what you know about your target audience. But you should also personalize it as much as possible. You can do this by studying your target audience and identifying segments. You can then tailor your onboarding to address the various needs of these specific segments.

Seeking Feedback

Many businesses forget that feedback is the lifeblood of customer onboarding. It will help you better understand user needs and keep up with changes in their profiles. Make sure you gain insights directly from users at various points throughout the process, from customers who have just purchased all the way to experienced repeat buyers.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

You may be forgetting that your users’ technical level is well below yours. If your educational materials talk over their heads, they won’t be effective in training them to use your products. It helps to find out your audience’s general understanding, but an even better approach is to create a variety of material for different skill levels.

Adequately Training Your Team

It’s easy to forget that your team needs to all be on the same page and trained well. The experience for your customers should be seamless. If they experience a disconnect from dealing with any member of your team, this will derail all your efforts. Offer everyone involved in your operations education and support and include them in the decision-making process.

Delivering on Promises

Your marketing makes promises on which the product must deliver. The user’s experience must be as it was described when they were considering the purchase. Don’t forget to look at the long view, comparing the promises you’re making with the value the product delivers. If this story is consistent from beginning to end, you’ll provide the right experience to turn customers into repeat buyers.

Customer onboarding is essential to the success of any business. By following the tips above and understanding the common mistakes, you can create a customer onboarding process that set your business up for success. If you need help getting started or want to improve your existing process, we can help.

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