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Personality Development and Digital Quotient

Role of Digital Quotient for Personality Development

Changing times

Tablet, tweet, WhatsApp, Telegram, spam and writing on the wall. 

A decade ago, none of these words would have made any sense or have held a completely different meaning. 

Look at these brands. A decade ago may not have seen a majority of them. We may not even have imagined them. Now, they are part of our essential list. Some of them have become our vulnerabilities also. We cannot spend a day without touching at least one of them.

Personality development secrets unleashed. Developing the Digital Quotient - 8 3

There may be many more than I listed here, but the fact is that the world around us has changed so rapidly. Of course, the digital transformer of the century award goes to COVID-19. Thanks to the virus impact, most of the technology changes will either be accelerated or killed. For instance, BYOD will take on a new meaning: bring your own disease. Some businesses associated with travel might have to alter their courses or completely dry up.

Similarly, we have many more surprises coming our way in the next five years. They will occur rapidly. We will unfold some of them here.


  1. Who sells the highest number of cameras? 
  2. Who runs the most prominent music business?
  3. Who is the competitor to the #1 Airline company?
  4. Which theatre plays the maximum movie shows?

Think about the suitable answers for a few seconds

Who sells the highest number of cameras?

Samsung and Apple 

Who runs the most prominent music business?

Mobile service providers, Amazon and Apple

Who is the competitor to the #1 Airline company?

Tele / video conference solution providers

Which theatre plays the maximum movie shows?

OTT platforms like Prime video, Hotstar, and Netflix

What is common among all these innovations? Successful integration of technology and process

What is likely to change further?

Let us look at some of the trends and statistics. The following data tells us many stories. 

As per a report by, there are 4.6 billion internet users as of December 2019. 

By 2023:

  1. Nearly two-thirds of the global population will have internet access. 
  2. There will be 5.3 billion total internet users (66 percent of the worldwide population). 
  3. Mobile user base will reach 13.1 billion.

At present, the total world population is 7.8 billion. Assuming the community touches eight billion by 2023, over one billion people would be wedded to more than one phone. Therefore, mobile polygamy will also be on the rise.

Cisco predicts that we will see 152,000 Internet of Thing (IoT) connections per second by 2025. That means all gadgets, cars, websites and apps will start talking to each other. 

Who knows? Two phones in our hands could start competing to offer screen time.

Cisco also predicts that there will be a 12 fold increase in AR and VR traffic between 2017 and 2022. 

However, I feel that VR consumption will be higher due to contagion fears.

5G implementation will boost video consumption further:

  • Studies also indicate that over 90 percent of users engage with the video platform. 
  • There is a significant rise in voice-based search and e-commerce.
  • In many countries, 5G implementation took a backseat due to COVID. It is likely to be implemented in the next fiscal year. Even if this gets delayed, we are likely to get Wi Fi 6. Though mostly experienced in a closed circuits Wi Fi 6 will be reasonably powerful. After 5G is implemented, all external gadgets and circuits will also benefit.
  • According to Cisco, 5G will bring a 10 fold reduction in latency and 100 fold  improvement in network efficiency. 
  • 5G is expected to boost the video content consumption further. 
  • This will accelerate content creation and consumption trends. 
  • This means, words like call-drop, lousy signal and video buffering will become extinct from our dictionaries. The next generations will probably recall them the way we talk about a trunk call or a Rotary phone today.
  • The number of interconnected devices will grow.   
  • The number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2023. 
  • There will be 3.6 networked devices per capita by 2023. Each of them will be connected.

Today, we are connected and supported by a global cyber infrastructure. Are we connected with reality, most importantly, with the future? 

The gap presents an opportunity. A bigger gap offers an enormous opportunity. What is that enormous opportunity?

Take our personality development course, The Growth Quotient. In this course, we have explained various opportunities and how you can conquer each of those using a high digital quotient. We have also explained the need for developing the digital quotient in personality development process.

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