6 poor habits spoiling your productivity that can be overcome by improvising techniques

Improving productivity

Why is it important to consider productivity?

Productivity is a measure of output divided by the amount of input. This means that it is a calculation of how efficient you are with your time, effort and resources. It is important because it allows you to see where improvements can be made, identify areas that need more attention and ultimately make more money. There are many techniques that can help boost productivity, but the most important thing is to find what works best for you and stick to it. By being productive, you will be able to get more done in less time and achieve greater success.

What are the habits that could be sabotaging your productivity?

If you think that your level of productivity is maintaining, then chances are there’s some habits lurking in the background keeping things from improving. These could include physical or mental obstacles which are preventing progress and limiting work efficiency!
There’s no way to tell how much time we’ll spend on any given task without taking a closer look at what happens before hand – but one thing I will say: The more aware we become as individuals about our own capabilities; whether they’re technical skills like programming code, artistic talent used for design projects–whatever area interests YOU most…the better off life might be after all

Here are five things that you could be doing that will dramatically decrease your productivity.

Day starting in Rush

If you always seem to be starting your day off in a rush, you are more likely going to try and make up time by taking shortcuts, skipping meals, or speeding to get to the office on time. This can leave you feeling flustered, and frustrated and can ultimately affect your attitude for the entire day. To break this habit, work to get up on time, if not earlier so you can start your day off in a more calm and relaxed manner.

No plan set for the day

When you don’t have a plan in place for your day, you become more inclined to work on whatever comes across your desk or comes to mind. If you start your day off by checking your email, you are creating the illusion that you are better. To change this habit, use a calendar or productivity tool to plan out your day and week.

Missing regular and essential breaks

When you take regular breaks through the course of the day, you are generally more productive. This is especially true as you approach the end of the day. Try taking a 30-minute break every two hours and notice how much more energy you have at the end of the day. Taking regular breaks is a highly effective way for you to stay productive for longer.

Avoiding your meals

Eating regular meals helps to energize our bodies so that we can be at our best. To sustain your energy levels, it is imperative that you eat the right foods at the right times during the day. Skipping meals will end up draining your energy level and focus.

Implementing multitasking

The practice of multitasking dramatically decreases our productivity because our brains are constantly switching from one thing to another making them unable to focus on one task. When you focus on one thing at a time, you become much more productive.

How does Time Management help in improving productivity?

You find yourself answering personal phone calls at work, clicking through websites and talking with your coworkers only to discover that it’s already lunchtime. You haven’t accomplished anything for the day – how did this happen? It might be time you take action! There are four useful tips on maximizing productivity in our blog which will help us all get more done in less amount of hours while liking what we do everyday better than ever before…

Identify and list out your Time-Wasters

Start your day by making a list of all the things that waste time and keep it nearby. When you notice yourself wasting precious minutes, add those endeavors to the list for future reference so they don’t slip through unnoticed like domestic cat videos which are only cute if we watch them while working on important work!

Prioritize tasks as per importance

It’s effortless to start your day working on easy tasks. It makes you feel like you are actually accomplishing something, even when you are avoiding the big projects. However, by the time you’ve completed the easy tasks, you’ve wasted your day and are reluctant to start on the work that is a priority. To increase productivity, start work on the most critical tasks at the beginning of your day. This will provide you with some relief and the rest of your day will be smoother.

Utilize the dead time

When you’re stuck waiting at the doctor’s office or are headed home on the train, make use of that time to accomplish some tasks. Rather than wasting your time staring out the window or flipping through that two-year-old magazine, you could respond to your emails or take notes on your next big work project. Always try to do something productive during your dead time.

Curb social media activity

The average person spends 3.6 hours a day socializing online, according to a study conducted by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange. To keep yourself from regularly checking your social media pages and wasting time, remove the social media apps from your phone, as well as from the toolbar on your computer. This can help keep you from checking for updates when you should be working on your report.

If you want to become more productive, then you have to work on your time management skills.

How can productivity be improved?

We all want to be productive and create as much value for our teams, clients or company but sometimes the day ends with little satisfaction. Fortunately there are some valuable tips on how you can increase your productivity so that each new morning starts off better than before!

Set Ambitious, Yet Realistic Goals

If you can cross everything off your to-do list in one day, then you need to create more ambitious goals. People that set higher goals tend to be more productive and more satisfied, than those with lower expectations. Your goals have to be very specific, and you should write them down to ensure you stay on track.

Create To-Do Lists

You will always have tasks that are simple and ones that are complex. To stay on top of your tasks, create to-do lists and track them using a task app, like Google Tasks. With the larger tasks, break them up into more manageable tasks. You may also want to consider putting a timer on your tasks so that you don’t lose your focus in completing other items on your to-do list.

Seek Help and Delegate Tasks Accordingly

Everybody needs help from time to time to complete tasks throughout their day. To get help to accomplish your larger tasks, you need to be able to trust those you are seeking help from to complete the work. To ensure that they take your request seriously, you want to be sure to let them know the deadline for the completion of the task.

Take Breaks

If you spend more than eight to ten hours at a desk, without moving around much, you’ll find that you have much less energy. The number of hours you work doesn’t measure productivity. It is measured, instead, by how much you get done without sacrificing your health. To keep your productivity levels up throughout the day, take small breaks and clear your mind.

Eliminate Distractions

In the U.S. a recent study revealed that over 12.2 billion collective hours are being spent browsing social media every day. If you find that you are falling behind on your tasks, then you should consider getting rid of your social media apps on your smartphone.

6 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently 

6 amazing things that successful people follow

Highly productive people know the value of a well-structured workday. They use their time wisely and efficiently, which means they’re able to get more done in less amount of hours than most other folks! Here’s how these high achievers make it happen:

They Never Touch Things Twice

People who are highly productive, never put anything in a holding pattern, because touching things more than once is a massive waste of time. Don’t save a phone call or email to deal with later. As soon as something grabs your attention you need to either act on it, delegate it, or delete it.

They Plan for the Next Day Before They Leave

Highly productive people end their day by preparing for the next. This accomplishes two things. First, it helps you to solidify what you’ve accomplished, and then it ensures you’ll have a productive tomorrow. It’s the perfect way to end your workday and only takes a few minutes of your time.

They Say No

Ultra-productive people aren’t afraid to say no. When you can say no to a new commitment, you are honoring your existing obligations and giving yourself the opportunity to fulfill them successfully. Learning to say no will reduce stress, decrease burnout, and eliminate depression while increasing your productivity.

They Have a Designated Time to Check their Email

People who are productive don’t allow their email to become a constant interruption. Along with only checking their email on a schedule, they take advantage of features that prioritize their messages by sender. They set alerts for their best customers and most important vendors, and they save the rest until they can reach a stopping point.

They Avoid Multitasking

People who tend to multitask have more trouble organizing their thoughts and filtering out information that is irrelevant, making them slower at switching from one task to another. Highly productive people know that multitasking is a productivity killer and avoid doing it at all costs.

They Put Technology to Work for Them

While technology catches a lot of flak for being a huge distraction, it can also help you focus. Productive people learn how to put technology to work for them. Along with setting up email filters to sort and prioritize messages, they also use productivity apps to set up alerts on their smartphones.

Implementing these strategies into your daily activities will help you become more productive in your career, business and personal life giving you an edge to better life. It is important to take right decisions, you can refer to our blog on ‘Decision making‘ that helps in attaining productivity through right decision making.

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