Stay One Step Ahead – Deliver Enhanced Customer Service by Predicting the Future

What if you could predict the future? Can you imagine the kind of customer service youíd be able to offer? You could give your customers what they want before they even know what that is.
The good news is, that while you may not be psychic, you can make accurate predictions about the future that will allow you to improve your customer service and blow your customers away. Here are some ways to do it.

Know Your Customer’s Needs

The simple key to excellent customer service is meeting or exceeding your customersí needs. So, the better you can understand these needs, the better you can meet them.
Make sure you have a detailed customer profile based on objective data about your audience. Use this to grasp their pain points, issues, challenges, and questions. Develop products that meet these needs and tailor your services to them. Keep seeking new ways to do this and youíll surprise and delight them each time.

Two-Way Communication
Maintain two-way communication with your audience and constantly seek their feedback. Do this through social media, online groups, surveys, polls, and more.
If youíre receptive to what your audience is telling you, theyíll drop clues about their needs and youíll be able to make improvements to accommodate them. Remember that if one person tells you something, there are probably more people thinking it and not saying it.

Know Your Industry Well
Do you want to surprise your customers with ëfuturisticí features or innovative products? Simply listen to whatís going on in your industry.
Stay on top of product development by subscribing to trade journals and email lists in your industry. Follow influencers and experts. Keep in touch with people in your network who are reliable sources for up-to-date ideas and new releases. Your audience will think youíre clairvoyant.

Check out the Competition
Another source of inspiration is your competition. Sign up for their newsletter or lead magnet and, if you have the budget, purchase one of their products, allowing you to experience their customer service firsthand. Observe what works and what doesnít ñ and consider implementing their best ideas.

For example, you might find that a competitorís website has a chatbot or a generous trial period. If itís something you can offer, integrate it into your customer service strategy.

Constantly Seek Feedback
Predictive customer service isnít something thatís implemented one time only. If you want to meet needs that your customers donít even know they have yet, you must constantly seek feedback from them and the market. Use this to create an exceptional customer experience, resulting in better retention rates and sales.

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