Personality development secrets unleashed. Winning traits – 4

Four Quotients that accelerate your personality development

We often hear that we need high Intelligence Quotient to be successful. It has been the most-sought after quality for many decades. However, with the changing times and rules, the world has realised that Emotional Quotient is also critical for growth.

Large and successful organisations realise that all their leaders need to possess a third quotient as well. This is called Digital Quotient.

However, very few people know that there is a hidden fourth quotient that plays a significant role in our personality development, growth prospects, and the proper development of the rest of quotients.

Yes. Such a powerful quotient has been hiding for a very long time. It is the Consciousness Quotient. None of the other three quotients can be leveraged effectively without acquiring the consciousness quotient.

1. Consciousness quotient

2. Environmental quotient

3. Digital Quotient

4. Number Quotient

Consciousness Quotient gives you nano-lenses through which, you can perceive self-awareness. Self-awareness is critical to acquire the rest of the quotients.

Environmental Quotient provides us a lens that helps us assess the ecosystem around us. This could include our team, clients, other people, policies, or trends – in short, the whole environment. Traditional EQ is a subset of this.

Digital Quotient gives you another set of advanced lenses that enables us to fine-tune three dimensions of tech-savviness: self, workplace, and family.

Number Quotient enables us to make sense of the data we see. The more you acquire this, the lesser you will be at the risk of mind-blindness. Intelligence Quotient is a subset of this quotient.

Personality development secrets unleashed. Winning traits - 4 2

All these quotients are collectively called Growth Quotients.

In the next four chapters, we will discuss self-connect, external connect, tech connect and number connect.

Each of them correspond to the four quotients. In short, we need to pick the STEN skills.

I have come to you with several practical tips and simple methods so that you can grasp the key concepts and put them to use at your workplace. Once you master these principles and apply them to your workplace, you should be able to reap rich productivity and efficiency benefits.

To sum up, these three aspects define your personality:

  1. What you have – ABCD
  2. What you drop – EFGH
  3. What you pick – STEN

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