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About SkillCulture™

SkillCulture™ is a digital ecosystem of marketplaces and cloud platforms for corporates, mentors, career seekers and freelancers.

We have marketplaces for e-learning, freelancing, and mentoring.  We have cloud platforms for the up-skilling of professionals seeking career acceleration and corporates seeking growth acceleration. 

  • We help individuals launch and scale their careers.
  • We help mentors to launch their digital services
  • We help corporates accelerate their progress

What is SkillCulture Prime?

SkillCulture Prime WhatsApp Group is a hangout place to exchange interesting and valuable conversations and career tips, including various job leads.

Prime group has several seasoned leaders from both corporate and academia.

Learning Resources

We have the following learning sources on www.skillculture.in

  • Free Courses
  • Premium courses (With mentoring support)
  • Short Books – E-Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Book Summaries (text and audio)
  • Blogs and knowledge base articles
  • Periodic Webinars: I intend to organize at least two webinars every month on various topics.
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Social interactions (Focus Groups and discussion forums) on the platform

How to access these resources?

To access these courses and learning resources, simply sign up here using your email id or social credentials.

Who teaches on Skillculture?

All courses on SkillCulture platform are self paced e-learning courses. These are designed by the industry experts with several decades of pooled expertise. In addition to this, various mentors support and augment your learning. We conduct periodic workshops on various topics

Group Rules

We are driven by values, mutual respect, and trust. Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • [YES] Career growth, personality, and professional development
  • [YES] Culture, Nationalism
  • [YES| Values, Ethics, Character building
  • [NO] Good morning, good night messages
  • [NO] NEWS
  • [NO] Advertisements and Promotions
  • [NO] Political or religious posts
  • [NO] Criticism, profanity, or demeaning messages
  • [NO] Obscene content
  • [NO] Any other irrelevant content

  • This is a very diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds, age groups, and genders.
  • A bit of patience and restraint are needed during some prolonged discussions. We need to be patient because each person has their own style and pace of learning and teaching.
  • Respecting the viewpoint is critical.

What is the background to all these?

We have the highest demographic dividend!  Please see the image above. This is our demographics chart.

Welcome to SkillCulture Prime Group 3

We have the highest number of people in the working-age category. To be precise, 68% of the population are between 15 and 60 years. No country on the planet has so many people who have the potential to earn.

No doubt, we have suffered for some period due to Covid. But fortunately, during the same period, we had the highest level of technology adoption.

3rd Wave…What?

During the 1990’s we had the first Wave of growth.

During 2000, we had our second wave of growth. Y2K problem and digitization offered several opportunities, and several Indians proved their mettle globally.

We now have the 3rd Wave of growth. Thankfully, this time the opportunities are coming to our doorstep in the form of Work From Home. 

We can now behave irresponsibly and worry about the 3rd / 4th … 10th Wave of Covid. Alternatively, we can act wisely and grab 3rd, 4th … 10th waves of opportunities. The choice is ours.

Having said that, the entire world will face an acute shortage of skilled professionals. This is the most suitable time to rise to the occasion and grab several global opportunities.

Therefore, the coming ten years are highly crucial for India.  It is easy for us to blame the governments. But it’s not going to help anyone.

It is time for us to upgrade our skills. We must be attentive, and we should be physically and mentally fit. We need to develop a growth mindset. We need to develop patience and perseverance.

What is SkillCulture?

As you know, India has been traditionally the Agriculture based economy. However, Agriculture contributes less than 15% to our GDP. Manufacturing and service sectors contribute over 80% to the GDP. These sectors need people with several skills and talents.

Therefore, we need some form of Skill-Culture.  Hence the name of our company: SkillCulture

What’s next then?

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

Katherine Whitehorn

Every educated person should think of contributing to economic growth and should support at least 2 to 10 youngsters. Governments cannot do this alone. We need to decide whether we prefer to be like Singapore or Afghanistan.

Mentors at SkillCulture are here to assist you. We will try to offer the best possible education to you. I request you to please make the best use of our facilities.

We endeavor to offer several programs, courses, and workshops that will shape your personality.

Three requests:

  1. Please make the best use of these resources.
  2. Please don’t share your logins. Courses and memberships constitute a significant portion of SkillCulture’s revenue.
  3. Spread the awareness. More people join our group, stronger will be our network.

I sincerely request each of you to support and help me make this the largest meritocratic group. Thank you once again for your interest in our group.

Wish you all the best !

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